To supply your process equipment with dry powders

• Meet the conveying constraints for flavouring powders on a continuous coating line.
• Production, process.
• Environment and safety.

Designed for companies working in the powder handling sector, the ELV auger lifting conveyor developed by IMMEQUIP forms a simple and innovative powder conveying and elevation system.

The lifting conveyor includes a stainless steel lift auger and a tapered hopper fitted on a fully removable tubular frame.

The ‘””flexible auger”” technology of the lifting conveyor allows to volumetrically convey all types of powders. At the base it is fitted with a tapered hopper with a 120-litre capacity secured with a fixed guard The assembled and pre-wired set constitutes the complete equipment with its electrical control unit.

For very greasy and adhesive powders, it can be fitted with an optional vibrating hopper to facilitate full-flow.