Our Snack and Breakfast Cereal Dryer has been named ECD800 for “Extruded Cereal Dryer”.

Based on a modular and fully electric design, we dry Snacks, Expanded Cereals and your PetFood products in-line by recirculating hot air at low temperature.

The drying concept is based on the sole use of “clean” electrical energy.

In addition, and to reduce electricity consumption, we have integrated a plate heat exchanger into each module, which allows calories to be recovered from the humid hot air rejected.

Result after tests, we gain 20% on the installed power.

Advantages :

  • Low Energy consumption on the operation.
  • No CO2 emissions in your products
  • Modular equipment: 3 to 6 modules depending on flow rates
  • Heating and/or cooling configuration on the last modules (this is the case for Breakfast Cereals)
  • Simple connection, just exhaust the humid exhaust air to the outside.
  • Very simple operation from its control screen.
  • IO-Link® integration on all sensors.

If you have drying and/or cooling projects, don’t hesitate to contact us!