The Agro-Hygienic trough belt conveyor for the transport of bulk products without edges.

 The SDA-H trough conveyor meets the requirements of:

  • Production while preserving product quality
    Hygiene and sanitation,
    Environment and safety

The transport of products by means of conveyor belt systems is an important and common feature of almost all food processing units. Efficient hygienic design of conveyors and belts is essential. It allows a high level of food safety to be maintained on a sustainable basis, while at the same time saving money by reducing the time, cost and effort associated with cleaning operations.

Its tubular structure made of stainless steel and its homogeneous PU band give it a high degree of hygiene. It is therefore approved throughout the food industry according to EU 1935/2004 and FDA standards.
The curved trough belt allows the products to be channelled into the centre of the conveyor with perfect watertightness without the need for fixed edges or sidewalls.
Its open design and quick belt removal system allows for easy daily cleaning and maintenance without constraints.
It can be equipped with washing and drying ramps for in-place cleaning.