For continuous coating of bulk products with SLURRY liquid solution (snacks, pet food or various products)

– Slurry flow rate according to model from 5 to 200 kg/h.
– Autonomous equipment, integration on asphalt mixing line
Slurry which can be composed of Fat and aromatic spices solution up to 40%.

The preparation and dosing tank assembly in mini SKDM version, allows you to automatically prepare and dosing your different SLURRY mixtures.
The preparation tank is equipped with both a scraper anchor and a three-bladed axial agitator. This set allows to keep perfectly homogeneous liquid mixtures containing small solid markers.
At the start of the installation, a three-way valve allows the mixture to be recirculated in order to avoid settling the heaviest solid particles.
With its innovative design installed on a single-chassis Skid and controlled by a PLC screen, this innovative solution meets the new constraints of low flow production.