The solution for metering, conveying and dispersing flavouring powders in your coating units in a single operation

• Continuous metering and dispersing.
• Production on extrusion line.
• Environment and safety.

For clients specialising in SNACKS, IMMEQUIP has developed an innovative flavouring metering-distributing unit on a removable frame featuring a pneumatic conveying module for dispersing.

The twin-screw technology of the metering unit allows to volumetrically and finely meter all types of powders from 50 to 700 microns. It also features a cylindrical hopper for a capacity of 25 to 40 litres with a low level detector.

The pneumatic conveying module is composed of a small receiving hopper, a conveying flexible hose and a blowing tube to be installed on the coating drum. The assembled and pre-wired set constitutes the complete equipment with its electrical cabinet.

For more accurate metering, this metering equipment can also be supplied in a loss-in-weight metering version. ”