Since 1998, IMMEQUIP has been developing tailored solutions for the French and international food processing industry.

The company has specialised in the cooking/extrusion process and the loose product conveying process, and creates specific installations that exactly meet the needs and constraints of each customer

IMMEQUIP is a subsidiary of the Europe Snacks group, and uses its extensive experience and known-how in the design of special machines to offer innovative equipment, in compliance with the new food safety standards.

Study, design, production, installation…Each phase of the project is performed internally by market and customer-orientated qualified professionals.

Their daily challenge: imagine and produce THE solution that will meet your needs!

IMMEQUIP is a human-scaled organisation based on the strong values of trust, partnership, commitment, quality, and accessibility.

Through an ongoing monitoring process, IMMEQUIP is continuously seeking new solutions to develop new products, reduce your costs, minimise maintenance and handling operations, and comply with hygiene and sanitation constraints.