The TESCA elevator from IMMEQUIP engineering.

Based on a well-known process problem for all food processing industries, IMMEQUIP decided to equip its conveyor lift with a full conveyor belt, known as “retractable cleats” for handling and lifting of fragile and sticky wet products.

On a development in partnership with the French conveyor belt manufacturer MAFDEL, the hygienic PU belt with positive drive, undergoes a technical modification making the cleats articulated and therefore retractable.

They retract when the conveyor belt returns, allowing continuous scraping of food products.

This specific, hygienic and hygienic “rotproof” belt is of course integrated into a completely stainless steel tubular frame design with an electro-polished finish, based on the latest recommendations of the EHEDG, in particular with retractable hopper edges and IP 69K stainless steel motorization.