The VRAC EVV-H Process Elevator with vertical elevation !

 Thanks to our experience in Transitional Bare Product Processes and well aware of the space that our elevators could take up in production workshops, Immequip is developing the VRAC EVV-H vertical

The TESCA Process Lift with retractable cleats!

The TESCA elevator from IMMEQUIP engineering. Based on a well-known process problem for all food processing industries, IMMEQUIP decided to equip its conveyor lift with a full conveyor belt, known as "retractable

Skid SLURRY 150 liters with spray boom 2 pistols

For mixing and continuous dosing of SLURRY oil and spice The SKID 150Litres mini-preparation and dosing tank set makes it possible to automatically prepare and dose your different mixtures of SLURRY. The

Syrup slurry station for Muesli and Granola cereals

For your MUESLI or GRANOLA cereal mixtures, the slurry tank and storage tank assembly in SKID version, allows for semi-automatically preparation and metering of your different SYRUP mixtures. The installation is entirely controlled by a

New products: “berlingot” forming crimper

In close collaboration with one of its customer-partners in 2016, Immequip has developed and commissioned a forming crimper allowing to produce a co-extruded snack with a filling in the shape of a berlingot.

SKDX-G2016 salted snack coating station

Considering new quality standards and in order to perfectly control the manufacturing processes we have designed new coating equipment on the salted snacks production lines.